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Toukel for School

A Young Man in the Library

Toukel needs some info about you so we can match you.

What year were your born? We'll match you with friends close in age.

We match you with friends of the same gender identification.

Gender Identification

Do you likes video games and finding people to game with?

Video Games

Would you like your friends to be a possible gym and fitness partners?


Do you enjoy live performances like comedy shows or concerts?


Are you a sports fan? 

Weekend Activities

Would you like friends who are interested in any of the following activities? Select all which apply

Adventure Activities

When would you like to meetup with new people?

Date and Time

Where would you like to meet?

Would you like a group or individual meeting? (We are primarily here to form a group but can also match you with one person if you prefer.) 

Who would you like to meet?

Please upload a picture of yourself so your group can recognize each other. This will help us verify your account. Your video will not be shared with any outside source.

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